1. Is ANITA EA easy to use?
Yes, it comes with a detailed user manual which includes an easy to follow step by step guide. If still questions you can contact our support team 24/7.
2. On how many live/demo accounts can I use your trading system?
Each subscription is for ONE live account and ONE demo account. You must provide your broker live/demo account numbers in order your system to be activated.
3. What kind of support is provided?
Our support team works 24/7 , any questions about installation, setup or you just need help to install the forex trading software on a VPS Server, we stand by to assist you.
4. What is the recommend minimum amount needed to use ANITA EA?
Use at least 400:1 margin-based leverage ratio accounts. Use 0.01 lots per $1000 for safe trading. You may double the risk, if you prefer bigger profits/higher risk.
5. Can I use ANITA EA together with other systems on one single account?
Yes, you can.
6. What are the technical requirements to use ANITA EA?
You need a PC, Laptop, Netbook or VPS server with min. 512 MB RAM and internet connection which should be not slower than 36.6 kb/s. Operating system needs to be Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher, Windows 7, Windows 2003 or 2008.
7. What will happen if my VPS/PC loose power or the internet connection gets lost?
Trades that are currently open will stay open until the power is restored. As soon the power is restored trading will be continued. In cases where the electricity will be not restored for a longer period, open trades will be closed by take profit or stop loss. Temporary interruptions from the internet connection will not affect trading, but we highly recommend to use a stable internet connection what works without interruptions.