1. Is it possible to install and configure everything instead of me?
Yes, upon a request, we will be glad to assist.
2. Do you offer free updates?
Yes, we provide free updates. We continuously work on improvements and will provide you with updates on a regular base.
3. How do I receive updates?
All updates are shipped electronically and you can download and apply them.
4. How often can I expect to receive updates?
The time between updates depends from many different factors and cannot be exactly specified.
5. What are the system requirements to run the Metatrader platform?
Windows Operating System, 512 MB RAM or higher, Internet connection.
6. Where can I download the Metatrader platform?
You can download the installation file from the website from your broker.
7. Can I install your forex trading systems on a VPS (Virtual Private Server)?
Yes, actually this is what most traders do.
8. Can you recommend a good VPS Provider with affordable prices?
Very soon we are going to launch our own Forex VPS/VDS hosting using a separate site. If you are interested to buy one immeditatelly please contact us. We can offer a Forex VDS,this is better than a VPS because the CPU is NOT shared and you get a dedicated CPU core. The price is 20 EUR/monthly and you will get a state of the art Forex VDS(Virtual Dedicated Server) with the following specs: Virtual CPU 2.0 Ghz, 2 Core, Virtual RAM 1GB, SATA 60GB (SATA, RAID 6) , Uplink Port Speed 1x1000Mbps Full-Duplex (Virtual), OS Windows XP(it is the best for MetaTrader).
9. How do I install the Metatrader platform and your forex system on a VPS Server?
Just like on your Personal Computer. Download the Metatrader platform and the installation files, follow the installation manuals.